Real Estate Support

At Agility Legal Solutions in San Diego, California, you can count on our full-rounded real estate support through our variety of services to assist with foreclosure actions including to borrowers who are facing foreclosure action. We can also help by filing complaints in judicial and non-judicial foreclosures as well as working directly with lenders on behalf of the client.

Purchase Agreement

  • Prepare initial draft of purchase agreement from Attorney notes or interview
  • Coordinate with other parties (i.e., buyer, seller, title company, opposing counsel, lender)
  • Arrange for execution of the purchase agreement
  • Review purchase agreement for critical dates and contingencies
  • Draft deed of sale

Matters of Title

  • Conduct or arrange for title search and request abstract of title; order title commitment and/or preliminary title report 
  • Order and review survey
  • Review legal description of the property and track against the map
  • Review exceptions (standard exceptions regarding survey, taxes, assessments, etc.) and cumbrances of record
  • Arrange for clearance of all liens an encumbrances listed on title commitment by providing appropriate documentation to the title company and draft or otherwise provide documentation to satisfy all other title company requirements
  • Arrange for discharge/satisfaction of deed trust/mortgage (existing mortgages of record on the property) and obtain payoff figures
  • Draft and review any permits and easements
  • Review and determine the validity of mineral claims through a search of the Bureau of Land Management records
  • Draft escrow instructions
  • Obtain corporate organization documents, including authorization of the applicable parties to purchase and/or sell, for all parties
  • Review corporate documents for prohibitions against borrowings, power of decision-making bodies, etc.
  • Obtain certificates of good standing/certificate of existence
  • Conduct public records search of the parties, including judgment, tax liens, and UCC filings
  • Order environmental assessment
  • Review environmental assessment and prepare releases
  • Determine if all insurance requirements have been met

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